How To Use A Rug As The Base For Your Décor

It’s frequently mentioned that an area rug can serve as the foundation of your décor. Its colors, tones, and patterns often inspire decorators and homeowners when it comes to choosing furniture, throw away pillows, paint, curtains, and other decoration pieces.

But how exactly can you use your rug to set up the style of a whole room? The most important aspect to take into account is consistency. There must be a unifying element that ties all your décor together; otherwise, it may look disorganized.

Lets look at a few guidelines you can follow to easily plan your look based on your area rug.

Go beyond tone

It’s easy to take a good look at your rug and build around its main color, but this isn’t the only way. Consider all the colors in your rug; perhaps an accent color works better as a base than the rug’s dominant color.

Once you’ve chosen that color, get your anchor piece in that color. The anchor piece is any decorative object or furniture that brings all the design together. It can be your rug, but you can also use a sofa or an artwork hanging from the wall.

You don’t have to match your pieces with the exact colors from your rug. Aim at similar colors that suggest your rug’s palette.

For example, if your rug uses deep blue in its patterns and you choose this color as your base, get a sofa, print or painting with the same colors. This way, you bring the color to the center of your décor.

Also, make sure to mix warm and cool tones for more balance.

Add neutrals and accents

After you’ve chosen your base color and found other pieces in the same tones, add other decorations in neutral colors like whites or grays to balance out the room. This is especially important if your rug or other decorations have intricate patterns. Combine too many patterns, and your décor might look too busy.

With so many points of visual interest, neutral-colored pieces tone down the design and give the eye a rest, and get accent pieces based on another color from your rug.

It’s also a good idea to keep your walls neutral when you have intricate patterns and bright colors in your décor.

Make it cozy

An elegant, polished décor still needs to feel like home. You can instill your spaces with a warm, familiar feeling with wood touches throughout the room. But don’t limit yourself to furniture — play with lamps, artwork or small decorations made out of wood. You can achieve a similar effect with vintage or antique pieces.

And don’t forget the personal touch that only special, personal belongings bring to a space. Family photos, books, and special decorations with a story make the room look much more personal and friendly.

Plan your style from the rug up with these simple tips, and create a consistent, elegant vibe with a personal touch.

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